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Itinerary Bus Stop

Lost and Found

Warning: If you have lost something in a paratransit vehicle, visit the lost and found page of the Paratransit Service section.

To find an item lost in an RTL bus


If your item is found

You will only be contacted if your item is found.


Unclaimed items

All unclaimed items are donated to a non-profit organization or recycled, where applicable, with the exception of items that could be used to identify someone. These items are:


RTL’s limited responsibility

It is understood that the RTL cannot be held responsible for an item that a client forgets in one of its vehicles.

As such, the RTL’s responsibility is limited to making every effort to find and return the item to a client.

Accordingly, the RTL has no obligation to find and return items to their owners. Similarly, the RTL has no financial obligation to clients for lost items.