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Membership Offers

The Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL), in partnership with the Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM), is happy to offer its customers transit fares membership offers allowing them to benefit from several interesting advantages.

Besides saving money, sometimes substantial amounts of money, the freedom of no longer having to renew its transit fare each month and avoiding queuing up to do so are significant advantages to benefit from.
With the OPUS card, subscribers, whether they are students, workers, employers or regular users of monthly passes, can benefit from different types of memberships.
OPUS plus
OPUS enterprise 


An OPUS+ membership is a way to subscribe to public transit passes. It enables you to commute with an OPUS card and entitles you to a number of benefits.    

Once you subscribe, your card will be delivered to you at home, and it is valid from 1st day of your subscription.

You can pay for your monthly pass by credit card or automatic debit. Your OPUS card is therefore valid for the entire membership period, which means you can reload it from home at the beginning of every month and you no longer need to wait in a line-up to do so.    

Click here to know all about the OPUS + membership advantages

OPUS + Enterprise

The RTM, in close cooperation with the majority of transport authorities in the Greater Montreal area, incuding RTL, would like to help socially engaged employers promote sustainable transportation. That is why we have repackaged and improved our existing employer programs to create a brand new membership program specially designed for their needs: the OPUS+ Enterprise program.

This new public transit membership program is for businesses of any size that wish to reward employees who have healthy commuting habits. Membership offers a number of advantages, such as a monthly 8.33% discount.
More info for employers
More info for employees

Click here to know all about the OPUS + Enterprise membership advantages