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OPUS card

The OPUS card is your key to public transit on the following transit systems: Longueuil, Montréal, Laval, the Agence métropolitaine de transport, in areas served by the Conseils intermunicipaux de transport (CIT), and even the Réseau de transport de la Capitale in Québec City!
The OPUS card is rechargeable. Once you have it on hand, you will be able to load the fares you want.


Regular rate OPUS card

OPUS card
The OPUS card is the only card on which you can load fares for several transporters, up to 4 simultaneously fares. Very practical! One card for several networks; you use it to take the bus, the metro as well as commuter trains!
Important! Your OPUS card expires after 4 years.
For the expiration date and how to replace your card,
visit www.carteopus.infoA $ 6 fee applies.


Reduced rate OPUS card

If you are eligible for reduced RTL rates, the OPUS card is the only card that allows you to access it.  
Click on these links to find out how to access the reduced rates as well as the conditions for issuing the OPUS card:


Occasional users

If you use public transit only occasionally, you can buy tickets with the OPUS card and automatically benefit from a transfer each time your board. You can also load it with tickets from other transporters (STM, STL and AMT). This way, one single card allows you to take occasional trips whether it is by bus, by metro or on commuter trains.


Registering an OPUS card

For regular rates customers: You can register your OPUS card and benefit from a protection in case you lose your card, it is stolen or if it breaks. Only the OPUS card offers you a replacement guarantee. So, should you lose your card, have it stolen or break it, the valid remaining transit fares will be transferred onto a new OPUS card. So don’t wait and register your OPUS card now!
For reduced rates customers: Your OPUS card is automatically registered when it is issued. You therefore have nothing to do to benefit from the registration advantages.


Where to get it?

  For regular rate customers: You can buy the OPUS card at a cost of $6.00 at the Metropolitan ticket offices, the RTL Points of sale and at Automated fare vending machines located in bus terminals and in metro stations.
For reduced rate customers: The OPUS card is available only at Metropolitan ticket offices. You must go to one of the Metropolitan ticket offices with the request form for reduced rate duly completed and bring proof that you meet the admissibility criteria for the reduced rate (ID, age, the school you attend). At the ticket office, an agent will take your picture and issue a reduced rate OPUS card. Your OPUS card will automatically be registered and you will therefore be able to recuperate any remaining fares should your card be lost, stolen or broken.


Purchase fares with your OPUS card

Once you have your OPUS card on hand, you can start loading transit fares. Once you have used up your fares, you simply buy new ones that will be loaded onto the same card! You can buy transit fares at Metropolitan ticket offices, at RTL points of sale and at Automated fare vending machines located in bus terminals and in metro stations.


Federal tax credit for monthly public transit pass

When you load your card, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT for income tax purposes! Your receipt is your proof of purchase and it allows you, if need be, to benefit from a federal tax credit for monthly public transit pass
Most printers print receipts with heat-sensitive ink. In time, the ink fades away. We therefore strongly suggest that you photocopy your receipts.
Please note that the RTL does not give income tax receipts. Only receipts for your purchases are valid to claim your tax credit.


How to use it?

Simply SLIDE your valid OPUS card IN FRONT OF THE CARD READER which will collect the fare.

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Your OPUS card is recharged by the attendant

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