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To register my card

Registering the OPUS card

Protect you transit fares! Register your OPUS card and recuperate the remaining valid fares should you lose your card, have it stolen or break it.

Registration is free. To register your card and benefit from its advantages, print and fill out the registration form and hand it duly completed at one of the Longueuil or Downtown terminal ticket offices.

Customers using a student or a senior OPUS card do not have to register their card. It is automatically registered.

How to register my OPUS card?

It is a service offered to owners of a registered OPUS card that enables you to transfer onto a new OPUS card valid remaining fares in case of loss, theft, or if broken. You can register your card at a Metropolitan ticket office, through Internet or by mail. To download the form:

What should I do if I lose, break or if my card is stolen?

If you have registered your OPUS card, go to a Metropolitan ticket office and have on hand an ID card with your picture on it. Your lost, stolen or broken card will then be deactivated. In exchange, you will receive a new OPUS card loaded with the remaining valid fares. You will only have to pay the current cost of the new OPUS card.