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Public transit tax credit

Keep your receipts – You can use them for tax credit purposes! 

Until June 30, 2017 inclusive, the federal government offers a tax credit to public transit users. This credit is applied to the cost of a monthly pass (line 364-T1 of the federal income tax return).

On your tax return, you may claim a partial reimbursement for the cost of your pass and that of your dependents (spouse or common law spouse and children under 19 years of age, if no credit has been claimed).

Your receipts show the purchase price of your passes.They are required to claim your tax credit.

Users must keep their receipts as a proof of purchase.  It may be required by Revenue Canada.

It is strongly recommended to make photocopies of your receipts as certain vending machines use thermal inkjet which fades over time.

More information on how to claim your tax credit for public transit passes is available at

2017 Fee Schedule