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Itinerary Bus Stop

Bus Shelter

Throughout the network, there are 3,329 bus stops and 661 of those bus stops have a bus shelter. Just like buses, bus shelter models follow new trends as well as new technologies. Whether we talk about materials or design, bus shelters are evolving in order to offer our customers more comfort and maximum safety.
Traffic data compiled on a specific location will determine where to install a bus shelter. In view of the fact that that equipment are costly, we must make sure to install them where a maximum of customers will benefit from them.
The decision to install a bus shelter also depends on the physical configuration of the eventual site. The bus shelter will be installed on the city’s property. It is therefore up to the city to decide the exact location where the bus shelter can be installed on its territory. The RTL cannot go ahead and install a bus shelter without the city’s agreement. So, when you ask the RTL to install a bus shelter in a specific area, here is the procedure to follow:
  1. Make your request via Customer Service by completing the form Comments;
  2. The RTL will acknowledge your request and will record it;
  3. The RTL will document the traffic data where the bus shelter has been requested;
  4. The RTL will forward the request to the city along with the traffic data.
Upon receipt of the request, the city will proceed to do the required analysis and will accept or reject the request according to predetermined criteria (feasibility, by-laws, town planning, etc…).
If the request is accepted, the RTL will then receive an authorization from the city to install the bus shelter.
A bus shelter is an equipment that serves the population. It is up to each and everyone to respect it and to report any act of vandalism and hindrance to the people’s safety. You can either report it to the Service de police de l’agglomération de Longueuil at 450 463-7011 or to Customer Service by completing the form Comments.