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Itinerary Bus Stop

Maintenance Activities

The vehicles’ maintenance is one of the key elements in the Réseau de transport de Longueuil’s every day activities. In order to fulfill its promise to offer its customers a service of quality, the RTL must make sure that the buses respect as much as possible their schedules, that the personnel is courteous, but also that the buses are clean, comfortable and safe.
There are several maintenance trades, from mechanics to electricians and machinists to perform all the required tasks.Each evening, the RTL employees proceed with the refuelling of the vehicles following the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) inspection requirements:
  • Fill the gas tank
  • Check oil and washer fluid levels
  • Clean the interior and check that the signage is adequate
  • Empty the fare box
  • Wash the exterior of the vehicle
The daily activities comprise the following:
  • Tire inspection
  • The preventive maintenance program inspection
  • Oil changes
  • Lubrications
  • Power wash under the vehicles’ bodies and components
Almost every four months, or at 13,000 km, the interior of each bus is thoroughly washed. The roof, walls, seats, cab interior, to name a few, are thoroughly washed in a cleaning bay adapted especially for that purpose.
   Maintenance activities photo
In the fall, the bus fleet is winterized as follows:
  • Inspection of the heating systems
  • Inspection of the exterior air trap seals
  • Inspection of each vehicle’s tires
At different intervals, buses’ mechanics, chassis and fare boxes are also inspected as preventive measures. The inspections carried by the maintenance employees allow them to find and prevent defects. Furthermore, each bus driver who notices certain anomalies while driving will immediately report them to be checked. The maintenance team has the responsibility to do the required verifications and make the necessary corrections.