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Itinerary Bus Stop


BAE low-floor hybrid bus  Nova LFS (Low-floor Series)
Service date: November 2014
Manufacturer: Nova Bus (Québec)
Weight: 14,000 kg
Length: 12.18
Cost: $680,000 in 2014/2015 (all prices are before taxes)
No. of units: 41 + 31 by early 2016
The undisputed leader in the sector, the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) has a fleet of 57 hybrid buses. The 15 new buses set to be added by early 2016, for a total of 72 vehicles, will make the RTL the largest operator of hybrid buses in Québec.
  • 35 seats, 65 places in total
  • Low floor: access to most or all seats without stairs (depending on model year)
  • Front kneeling system for easy access
  • Panoramic side windows
  • Improved heating and air conditioning systems
  • Radial tires for improved comfort.
  • Synchronized, electric windshield wipers that cover a larger area
  • 260 HP
  • Exterior fibreglass siding
  • One-piece, welded, self-supporting steel structure vs. attached modular structures
  • Four-wheel disc brakes
  • Photocell-activated rear door; the passenger touches the indicated place to open the doors, which lock when the bus exceeds 1.6 km/h
  • Composite floor that is more durable than previous plywood versions
  • Larger, curved, one-piece windshield
The HybriDrive® propulsion system from BAE features a regenerative braking system which, under equivalent driving conditions, results in substantial fuel savings of more than 20% compared to a conventional bus.
Commissioning: 2011
Builder: Nova Bus
Weight:  17 458 kg
Lenght:  18,9 mètres
Cost: 700 000$
No. of units: 9
  • 58 seats + 46 standing = capacity of 104
  • Rigid welded stainless steel structure
  • Composite finish
  • Motor in trailer, called « pusher »
  • Cummins 4 way turbocharged 330 HP engine
  • Low floor
Van Hool AG 300 articulated bus
Commissioning: 2002
Builder: Van Hool (Belgium); assembled in Québec
Weight: 17 600 kg
Lenght: 18,5 mètres
Cost: 600 000$ (en 2001) 707 000$ (en 2006)
No. of units: 16 (2001) 4 (2006) 
  • 60 seats and room for 46 standing passengers = 106
  • Steel chassis, tubular steel frame
  • Stainless steel skin
  • Engine located at the centre of the front section, a.k.a. "tractor"
  • Cummins compressed turbo 4-stroke, 330 HP
  • Low floor
Nova LFS (Low Floor Series)
Commissioning: April 1, 1997
Builder: NovaBus (Québec)
Weight: 12,000 kg
Lenght: 12.18 metres
Cost: $350,000 (in 1997)
No. of units: 350
  • The following are some of the low-floor model's features compared with conventional buses
  • 38 seats and room for 27 standing passengers = 65
  • No steps; full length low floor
  • The front drops to facilitate access
  • Panoramic side windows
  • Improved heating and ventilation
  • Radial tires for increased comfort
  • Larger one-piece windshield
  • Synchronized electric windshield wipers covering a larger area
  • Four-stroke cleaner Cummins engine
  • Fibreglass skin
  • Self-supporting steel frame welded in one piece instead of modular structures added to one another
  • Front disk brakes
  • A photocell opens the rear doors; riders simply touch where indicated to open the doors. The doors remain closed when the bus's speed is over 1.6 km/h