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Itinerary Bus Stop

Reserved Bus Lanes

In order to offer an efficient and rapid service on busier arteries, RTL buses use several lanes reserved specifically for buses during certain period of the day.
For example:
The Champlain Bridge reserved bus lane is probably the best known. The buses use it, against traffic, during morning and afternoon rush hours. It is the only such lane in North America. When it was inaugurated in 1978, it was as a temporary measure!
With respect to the Champlain Bridge reconstruction projects, several studies are presently under way and different committees on which sit several government partners, municipal and organisational, have been created to analyze the best different public transit options for the future.
Photo: buses lanes reserved
Photo: buses lanes reserved  
The reserved bus lane in the center of Highway 10 was built at the center of Highway 10 in order to link the Chevrier parking with the Montréal Downtown Terminal . It runs up to the Taschereau Exchange to then reach the reserved bus lane on Champlain Bridge.
There are also reserved bus lanes on Taschereau Blvd., on Saint-Charles Street, on Riverside Blvd., on Highway 20, on Ch. de Chambly, on Victoria Bridge and finally on Highway 116.