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Sustainable Development

The environment is part of the RTL's mission and one of its five core values.
Always concerned about the consequences of its operations on the environment, the RTL has implemented an environmental management system (EMS).
Most of the RTL's environmental projects are at the heart of its operations, i.e. the upgrading of its refuelling system (tanks and piping).
Furthermore, the RTL paints its vehicles with a product that was specially developed for its needs (isocyanate-free "future acrylic"). Since October 1993, the RTL also purchases and uses recycled motor oil.
The RTL also prefers the use of recycled and recyclable paper for all its publications (brochures, annual reports, forms, stationery, etc.).

  Usually, on its premises

  Vehicle maintenance

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  We often forget that the RTL
  is a driving force in SUSTAINABLE
  DEVELOPMENT within the Longueuil


The environment has been integrated in the RTL’s mission for over 15 years!


In 1992, even before the words « green », « sustainable development » or « sustainable mobility » were “in”, the RTL had already integrated in its commitment the notion to protect the environment :
« To increase the quality of life of citizens living on the RTL’s territory with a view to adequately satisfying their changing transportation needs by promoting and operating, at a fair price, various means of quality public transportation while respecting the environment».
Changing needs, fair price, quality means of transportation and respecting the environment : this is sustainable development.

  The 3 pillars of sustainable development


Economic progress :
Described as the financial performance and the capacity to contribute to the community’s economic development.
Social justice :
Taking into account the social consequences of the business’ activities with respect to its employees, its suppliers, its clients, its local communities and society in general.
Protection of the environment :
Described as the compatibility between a business’ social activity and the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.It means a complete analysis of the business’ impact on its social development and its products in terms of flow, consumptions of resources, production of wastes and pollutant emissions.
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  RTL’s 7 sustainable development principles

1- Mobilization and implication

The mobilization and the implication of its personnel and its representatives are essential to implement sustainable development
Some examples:

Steps taken to mobilize its personnel
Steps taken to reinforce the notion of imputability
Innovative initiatives in work relations

2- Development
Steps taken by the RTL must contribute to the social and economic development of the Longueuil agglomeration while respecting the environment.
Some examples :

Completing projects according to the strategic plan in place
Involved in the territory’s development, road network and road traffic
Improvement of the quality and the comfort of public transit services
Improvement of information tools for the customers
Initiatives in sustainable mobility

3- Protection of the environment

To achieve sustainable development, protection of the environment must be an integral part of the activities.

Some examples:

Programs to optimize the use of resources
Energy saving programs
Alternative propulsion modes
Use of alternative and renewable sources of energy
Recovery and recycling programs

4- Training
Measures to encourage training, updating skills as well as developing human resources must be a priority in order to stimulate creativity and assure effectiveness and efficiency in the operations in order to achieve sustainable development.
Some examples:

Training programs to update skills
Training programs pertaining to the implementation of new technologies
Steps to renew the workforce

5- Health, safety and prevention
Protecting the health and safety of people are the main preoccupation with respect to sustainable development. When a risk is known, the necessary steps must be taken to prevent, to reduce and to correct the situation.  
Some examples:

Programs and preventive actions in health and safety
Corrective actions to increase safety in the operations

6- Equity and accessibility
Sustainable development actions must be taken keeping in mind equity while assuring accessibility and equality in employment opportunities.
One example:

Implementation of the equal access program

7- Reaching financial sustainability
Steps taken by the RTL must assure its financial sustainability.
Some examples:

Involved in improving the Quebec policies concerning public transit
Involved in improving public transit assistance programs
Involved in reviewing the metropolitan financial perspectives
Initiatives to generate savings with respect to RTL’s activities

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  Our realizations before 2009

The RTL did not wait for sustainable development to be “in”. Its list of concrete realizations is impressive and certain exist since 1989!  Here are a few :
Usually, on its premises
Maintenance of its vehicles
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  Commitment and steps taken in 2009

Public transit is one of the main components of sustainable development and in 2009, RTL makes this commitment its most important challenge.
These are other accomplishments :
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  Did you know that…

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