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Itinerary Bus Stop

Iā€™m getting on board!

  For all cool youth deciding to take urban transit!


You will soon take the RTL bus for the first time? 
Congratulations, you are taking a responsible step for the environment and for yourself!


1 bus replaces 70 cars. 
Less pollution, less traffic congestions, a better city, better health, a better planet!
During rush hours, the bus has access to reserved lanes. 
This does not only improve the time it takes for you to get to your destination, but it also reduces traffic congestions!
It costs less! A car is expensive to buy, and you also have to take into account the $ for parking, the $ for gas, the $ for insurance, the $ for repairs and maintenance…Ouch! 
To use public transit is very economical and much less complicated!
Usually, there is a bus that goes by near your house. If it’s not the case, there are shared taxis. You can use them like a bus. The taxi will take you to the bus nearest to your house.

  Here are some suggestions before you board a bus.

First and foremost, security! 
It is of utmost importance. The RTL wants its commuters’ trips to be safe. 
If you were taking the school bus before, beware! 
There are several habits you will have to change and here is why:
When your school bus stops, there are two red lights flashing and a stop sign is deployed. Car drivers MUST stop when youngsters get on or off the bus. There is no such thing happening when you take a RTL bus. You must therefore be very careful as car drivers will continue to drive by whether you are getting on or off the bus.
So, be careful.

When you get on the bus:

This must be done in an orderly and calm fashion.
At a bus stop, many people may want to get on the bus. If there is scuffling or pushing, this could cause an accident. One at the time and this way, no one will loose its footing or injure itself. 
You must be at the bus stop when the bus arrives. If you are not at the bus stop, the bus will not wait for you.
NEVER run after the bus. It is dangerous and this could cause accident.
When you are at the bus stop, the bus driver must see you and understand that you want to board. If, for example, you stay in the bus shelter, the bus driver will think that you don’t want to board, so he won’t stop. But, be careful and keep a safe distance from the street.
You must stay on the sidewalk, but not on the edge. Buses have mirrors that are much bigger than the ones on cars. If you are too close to the edge of the sidewalk, it could be dangerous.
So keep a safe distance!
  When you are on the bus:
There is always the possibility that you might have to stand in the bus during your trip. 
If this is the case, you must hold on to the grab bars. This way, should the bus take a curve, brake or leave quickly, you will not fall… and you will not fall on your neighbour either!
You must remove your backpack and put it between your feet if you are standing. 
Otherwise, your backpack may disturb others and will make it difficult to move inside the vehicle. 
  When you get off the bus:
You must indicate that you want to get off the bus. 
You must do it a bit ahead of where you want to get off. You ring the bell to signal your intention to the bus driver. There are buttons on the grab bars and a rope to pull just above the windows. The bus driver is well aware that when the bell rings, he must stop. He is used to listen to the bell. So there is no need to ring several times. Once is enough. The bus driver will stop.
When you get off the bus, you must do it in an orderly and calm fashion.
Many people may want to get off the bus. If there is scuffling or pushing, this could cause an accident. One at the time and this way, no one will loose its footing or injure itself. 
NEVER cross the street as long as the RTL bus has not left or when you cannot clearly see the cars coming and going. There are no flashing lights or stop signs on a RTL bus. Cars will continue to go by even if a RTL bus is stop!
NEVER cross in front of a RTL bus unless the traffic is stopped and you have the priority clearly notified by the pedestrian signal.
When you are getting off the RTL bus, stay on the sidewalk and wait for the bus to leave. You can then better see the cars driving by and therefore start walking safely.

  Now, regarding payment for your trip

When you boarded a school bus, you did not have to pay for your trip. But when traveling on RTL buses, you must pay for your trip. All commuters must pay for their trips.
You have three (3) ways to pay for your trip:
  With a monthly pass
You can take the bus as often as you want during one (1) month. You first have to get a rechargeable OPUS card and charge on it new pass on the first of each month. There are reduced rates for students.
When you pay for your trip with an OPUS card, you must swipe the card on the card reader located where you board the bus.
  With tickets
You can buy tickets to take the bus. To buy tickets, you must have an OPUS card on which the tickets will be charged, or purchase tickets on a Solo card. When you pay your fare with a ticket, you will automatically have a Transfer valid for a period of 90 minutes and you will be able to use another RTL bus free of charge. When you pay with an OPUS or Solo card, you must swipe the card on the card reader located where you board the bus.
If you do not have an OPUS or a Solo card, have can pay cash to board the bus. It’s therefore more economical to pay with a card. You must give the exact amount as the bus driver does not give change. There are no advantages in paying cash, as it costs more and you cannot have a free Transfer to another RTL bus line. So, use this mode of payment only if you must. When you pay cash, you must put the exact amount of money in the fare box next to the bus driver.

  You would like to pay less for your bus trips?

You can if you are between 6 and 25 years old!
RTL offers reduced rate fares to full time students. To be able to buy reduced rate fares, you must absolutely get an OPUS card either at the ticket point of sale or when the RTL goes to your school. For more details on the School tour.
The card costs $15, but the savings you will benefit from will rapidly cover that cost.
When you use a student OPUS card, you can load a reduced rate fare (tickets or monthly pass), swipe your card on the card reader when you board and then show your picture to the bus driver.

  It is therefore important to respect the following guidelines:


Your bus driver has the responsibility to drive all the commuters in a safe fashion and… pleasantly! 
Respect the bus driver:
 No scuffling on board the vehicle;
 Once inside the bus, move towards the back, this way the bus driver can better see in his mirrors;
 The bus driver needs all his concentration. No shouting and do not speak to the bus driver during the trip. All his/her attention must be on the road;
 Take off your backpack so as not to interfere with the circulation;
 If you are standing, hold on tight;
Respect the other commuters
What we mean when we talk about public transit is that there will be a lot of people on board the bus. The trip must therefore be a pleasant one for everyone.
In order for everyone to experience a pleasant trip, the following guidelines must be respected:
 Look around you and if someone needs a seat, you may offer yours! You will, in return, receive a wonderful smile and a warm thank you! The commuters that need a seat are the elderly, pregnant women, commuters who have physical disabilities or are injured.
 You probably appreciate cleanliness as well as do others! So don’t litter the bus and don’t dirty the bus. It is never pleasant to move inside a filthy vehicle.
 Graffiti or scratchitti are very expensive to clean or to repair. Buses are for use of everyone and we all have the obligation to respect and preserve them. If you are witness of a non-respectful behavior, please notify a person in service (the driver, a supervisor or a police officer).
 You like to listen to music during your trip. By all means, go ahead. But you know that we don’t all like the same music. So make sure to listen to your music without imposing it to others. Each one is entitled to its taste in music as well as to its quiet time.
 Your cellphone rings? You can talk on the phone, but please, do it discreetly!
It goes without saying that everybody must be happy on board the bus, whether it is you, the other commuters or the bus driver! This way the trip is “cool” for everyone!
Thank you for your cooperation!