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OPUS card

The OPUS card represents the key to your travels on the Longueuil Transmission System (RTL), the Montreal Transit Corporation (STM), the Laval Transportation Corporation (STL), the Metropolitan Transportation Network (RTM) and even to the Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) in Quebec City!

It is rechargeable. Once in hand, you will use your OPUS card to encode the titles you want. It also offers automatic correspondence of 90 minutes according to the tariff rules in force.


The OPUS card allows you to encode titles of multiple carriers, up to 4 titles simultaneously.
Convenient! One card for several networks! You use it to take the bus, the metro and commuter trains!


Important! Your OPUS card expires after 4 years.
For the expiry date and how to replace your card, visit A fee applies.


If you qualify for reduced fares, the OPUS card is the only card that allows you to access it.

Click on the links below to obtain more information on how to access these reduced rates:

Student discounted rates
Reduced rates for people 65 years old and over


If you use public transit only on occasion, you can buy tickets with the OPUS card and automatically benefit from a transfer each time you board. You can also load it with tickets from other carriers (STM, STL and RTM). This way, a single card allows you to take the occasional trip whether it is by bus, by metro or on the commuter trains.
Please note that some of the rates offered exclusively by the RTL are not available on the OPUS card and must be encoded on RTL’s SoloFlex single-use card.
Visit the SoloFlex section for more information.

The OPUS card is sold at a cost of $6 for regular rate customers. It is available at metropolitan ticket offices, RTL points of sale and automatic ticket vending machines located at terminals and metro stations.
Note that the card is free for children aged 6 to 11 living in the agglomeration of Longueuil.
Reduced rate customers must purchase their OPUS photo card at metropolitan ticket offices. Review the procedure for obtaining your personalized OPUS card for student fares or 65 and over rates.
Once you have acquired your OPUS, you can start encoding your tickets or monthly pass. When depleted, you simply buy new ones that will be loaded on the same card at metropolitan ticket offices, RTL points of sale and automatic vending machines located at terminals and metro stations.




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