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Enjoy the summer! The RTL urges you to take advantage of the outdoor activities at one of the beautiful Sépaq parks in the Agglomération de Longueuil. Hop aboard the line 298 summer shuttle to Parc national du Mont-Saint-Bruno on Saturdays and Sundays between July 2 and August 21.


Taking the RTL line 298 summer shuttle provides:


You can ride line 298 on presentation of a valid RTL transit fare.
Children aged 11 and under travel for free. They must be accompanied by someone aged 14 and over to act as supervisor; this person cannot accompany more than 5 children.
A child aged 11 and under travelling alone must have an OPUS card or a valid reduced transit fare.
The normal daily admission fee for the national parks applies for all visitors aged 18 and over. Aged 17 and under: free access

*Discount applicable on presentation of your transit fare. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Some conditions apply.

Bikes on board

Cyclists are welcome aboard the summer shuttle as part of a pilot project. However, the following rules apply:
  • Pay the applicable RTL fare;
  • Maximum of two (2) bikes per trip. Wait for the next bus if necessary;
  • Bike trailers, tow bars, wagons, tandem bikes, tricycles and other bulky accessories (e.g., electric scooters) are prohibited.

Cyclists must:

  • Provide their own straps to secure their bike properly;
  • Secure their bike in the wheelchair space, without the driver’s help, and stay next to their bike for the entire trip;
  • Get off the bus if a user with a wheelchair or a stroller wants to board at the Longueuil Terminal or at Parc national du Mont-Saint-Bruno. The cyclist is not required to give up their seat at any point along the route;
  • Comply with all RTL guidelines, as well as safety and conduct rules applicable in buses and terminals operated by and on behalf of the RTL.


  • When the bus arrives at a bus stop, if there are already users with reduced mobility, a stroller, or two bikes in the wheelchair space, the driver will not allow the user to board and will suggest they either wait for the next bus or ride their bike to their destination;
  • The user pays their fare;
  • The other users clear the way to the reserved space (as needed);
  • The cyclist asks any users who are already seated to make room for them to secure their bike (as needed). If the driver cannot allow the cyclist to board, they will suggest the cyclist either wait for the next bus or ride their bike to their destination;
  • When exiting the bus, the cyclist should press the blue stop button located in the wheelchair space. Cyclists must exit through the back door.


Cyclists are responsible for securing their own bikes with a bungee cord or other appropriate strap, which they must provide.

Enjoy the ride!



Line 298 Mont-Saint-Brun

Longueuil terminal - Parc national du Mont-Saint-Bruno

Boarding at the Longueuil terminal: Wing F, platform 4

See the schedule.