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Friday July 28, 2017

Negotiations with bus drivers RTL compliant with Bill 24, demands a mediator

Negotiations with bus drivers (CUPE Local 3333) 


RTL compliant with Bill 24, demands a mediator


Longueuil, July 28, 2017 – The Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) has been negotiating with its bus drivers to reach a new collective agreement since the latter expired on December 31, 2016. After 17 meetings, the parties were unfortunately unable to reach an agreement. Moreover, on June 4, bus drivers voted in favour of pressure tactics, up to and including a strike, to be triggered when deemed appropriate. During the past few weeks, union representatives have been preparing their members for a possible strike, asking bus drivers to fill out a claim for strike pay from the CUPE. As a result, and in compliance with the Act respecting the process of negotiation of collective agreements and the settlement of disputes in the municipal sector, the RTL has filed a request for a mediator with the Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale to assist the parties in reaching a settlement. 

Mediation is commonly used in negotiations to advance talks in a positive manner and to help the parties involved to identify practical solutions and find common ground as quickly as possible. By using a mediator, the RTL hopes to reach an agreement that is both financially sound and satisfying to both parties, similar to the one reached with its 240 trade employees last June: a six-year agreement, with a focus on continuous improvement and that will see salaries increase by an overall 12.25% by December 19, 2021.



About the RTL

The Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) is the main transit provider for individuals within the five cities that comprise the Agglomération de Longueuil. The third-largest public transit organization in Québec, the RTL operates a network of 793 kilometres. With some 1,100 employees, the RTL is a major employer that contributes to the economic vitality of the region.

Ever receptive to its users, the RTL plays a key role in the lives of the people and the communities it serves by providing solutions that are efficient, innovative, and adapted to the evolving needs of its clientele. Improving quality of life for the citizens of the Agglomération de Longueuil is a top priority for the RTL.


Anik Le Marquand
Réseau de transport de Longueuil
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