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Itinerary Bus Stop
Wednesday September 09, 2020


Longueuil, September 9, 2020 – A fire broke out early this morning at the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) operating centre in the Saint-Hubert borough of Longueuil, affecting operations across the network, including paratransit services.

However, due to the quick response by RTL employees, customer service was unaffected.

“We’d like to congratulate everyone who sprang into action to get all our essential vehicles out of the garage. Thankfully, no one was hurt.However, this is our second fire in two years, which is somewhat worrying, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused to nearby residents,” said Jonathan Tabarah, Chairman of the RTL Board of Directors.

The Saint-Hubert operating centre and its two garages have fallen into an advanced state of disrepair.

“These buildings date back to the 1950s and 1970s and have never undergone major renovations. They’re now in dire need of upgrades. Repairs are in the works, but we’re once again appealing to the governments for much-needed financial support for this project,” added Mr. Tabarah. “We’ve waited long enough now. The Agglomération de Longueuil, the city of Longueuil, and the RTL don’t have the hundreds of million of dollars it would take to rebuild these garages. The last thing we want is another major incident that could destroy almost half our buses, endanger the lives of our employees, and affect hundreds of local residents.” 


About the RTL

The Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) is the main transit provider for individuals within the five cities that comprise the Agglomération de Longueuil. 
The third-largest public transit organization in Québec, the RTL operates a network of 793 kilometres. With some 1,100 employees, the RTL is a major employer that contributes to the economic vitality of the region.

Ever receptive to its users, the RTL plays a key role in the lives of the people and the communities it serves by providing solutions that are efficient, innovative, and adapted to the evolving needs of its clientele. Improving quality of life for the citizens of the Agglomération de Longueuil is a top priority for the RTL.