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Itinerary Bus Stop
Thursday November 05, 2020


There have been two watermain breaks on boulevard Guimond in Longueuil between rue de la Métropole and boulevard Fernand-Lafontaine. As a result, lines 25 and 123 will take rue Le Breton until the work is completed, which should be next week.

Service will be interrupted for some 15 stops. A temporary stop for lines 25 and 123 has been added at the corner of rue Le Breton and rue de la Province, and another stop for line 25 toward the Longueuil terminal has been added on boulevard Guimond near rue Claude.

We encourage you to subscribe to notifications from the Chrono app for real-time updates on service disruptions. For more information about the major roadworks that will impact our network, visit our Info-réseau web page.