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Itinerary Bus Stop


Effective on July 1, 2021

(and reverse path)

Tikets and passes are not refundable
Available with
Regular Fare
6 to 15 years old and Students
16 to 17
years old
18 years old
and over
65 and over

METROPOLITAN FARES: valid on RTL, EXO, STL and STM transit networks

Agglomeration of Longueuil

Zone  Montreal, final destination Tram zone 3 - Monthly  Ilustration de la carte OPUS
$88,00 $88,00

Agglomeration of Longueuil


Tickets* (price for 6)
Illustration d'un billet
Ilustration de la carte OPUS $180,00
Exact change
without transfer
Illustration d'une pièce de monnaie
$4,25 $6,50 $4,25

LOCAL FARES - valid on RTL transit network

Agglomération de Longueuil


Agglomération de Longueuil


Monthly pass Ilustration de la carte OPUS $104,00
4 month pass
Ilustration de la carte OPUS
$244,00 $244,00 $244,00
Ilustration de la carte OPUS -- -- -- $31,25
(price for 6)
 billet TA $19,00 $12,50 $19,00 $12,50
Exact change  Image pièce de monnaie. $3,50 $3,50 $3,50 $3,50

Agglomeration of Longueuil

Towards the outside of the territory - Zone

with transfer

Monthly pass, Tickets*
or Exact change**
Image pièce de monnaie.
Ilustration de la carte OPUSbillet TA
Double pricing

Agglomeration of Longueuil

Towards the outside of the territory - Zone

with transfer

Monthly pass, Tickets*
or Exact change**
Image pièce de monnaie.
Ilustration de la carte OPUSbillet TA
Local title + Title of the other carrier
* For these destinations, you must use two (2) tickets.

** You may also combine payment with a four (4) consecutive months pass or a monthly pass + 1 ticket or or $3.50 in cash.
OPUS card:
• Free for children 6-11 living in the Longueuil agglomeration
• $ 6 for regular fare users
• $ 15 for reduced fare users
Tickets encoded on an OPUS card as well as all tickets on a Solo card are not valid for paratransit service; they are valid for regular bus service only.

Child free:

Children aged 11 and under can now ride for free at all times. They must be accompanied by a responsible person aged 14 and over. This person must have a valid transit pass and can accompany a maximum of 5 children.
A child travelling alone must have an OPUS card and a valid reduced-fare transit pass.

The application of the terms and conditions surrounding free access for children must respect the government's eligibility policy, since certain conditions apply:
› You can travel with an accompanying person if you obtained this authorization at the time you qualified for paratransit.
› When booking your trip, you must mention that someone will be accompanying you.
› The maximum number of children allowed is limited to those entered in your user file.
Monthly pass Acces 65

Photo de la carte OPUS. On OPUS carte only

Available to customers aged 65 and over with a photo OPUS card. Allows travel on the entire RTL network during the following hours :
- Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 15:29 and 18:30 until the end of service
- Saturday, Sunday and holidays: All day, without restriction
Please note that for a limited time, the cities of Boucherville, Brossard and Longueuil  offer the Access 65 OFF PEAK transit pass free of charge to their eligible citizens. 
If you are a resident of these cities and wish to take advantage of the free OFF PEAK service, simply contact RTL's paratransit service at 450 672-2992 and select option 3.
You will then receive a new OPUS card with your encoded Access 65 OFF PEAK pass.  
Free service is also offered by the city of Saint-Lambert, under certain conditions. Visite their website for all details.
Residents of  Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville can obtain their Access 65 OFF PEAK pass at one of our points of sale, at the price indicated on our fare grid.



Payment of your trip is required at each embarkation.
You can take advantage of the reduced fare granted to children, students, and seniors age 65 and over only if you have a reduced fare
OPUS card. To obtain a student card, you must be a full-time student and send us proof of registration for the current school year. This card expires on October 31 of each year.
To benefit from a reduced fare, you must complete the required application form. For more information, please contact RTL.
You must have your valid paratransit OPUS card with you at all times during your trips. You can obtain your OPUS card with photo from
our paratransit department by calling 450 670-2992, option 3.
Paratransit OPUS cards cannot be produced at a ticket office.
Image pièce de monnaie.Cash
Prepare the exact amount, as the driver does not give change.

billet TA   Paratransit ticket - not valid for the regular transit network -
Pay to the driver using paper ticket(s). Transit tickets loaded on the OPUS card are not accepted for paratransit.


Photo de la carte OPUS. OPUS card - monthly pass -

You must always show the driver your OPUS card and have it with you during your trip. Your OPUS card has an expiry date.
Check the date on your card or consult Make sure to renew your card at least two months in advance.
For current rates, see the table at the top of this page or contact a customer service representative at 450 670-2992, option 2.