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The Réseau de transport de Longueuil has more than one hundred (100) bus lines covering the Longueuil agglomeration and serving also the Longueuil Terminal and several Montréal terminals (Métro Radisson, Métro Papineau et Downtown Terminal).
The RTL also offers commuters not served by a regular bus line, a shared taxi service enabling residents of certain developing or less populated sectors as well as certain industrial parks to have access to public transit.
The RTL also offers several school lines in order to facilitate students’ transit on its territory.
RTL Universel
The RTL offers a paratransit service to users with a significant and chronic handicap, who are unable to use regular public transit. You will find all the details in the Paratransit section. Furthermore, with a view to offering a bus service to as many people as possible, the RTL has adopted a universal access policy in order to gradually enable all types of customers to use the regular network for their trips. It is called RTL Universel.
Increased flexibility, freedom to travel, autonomy and spontaneity are definitely RTL Universel’s advantages. For paratransit customers,RTL Universel is an additional alternate mode of transportation. It does not replace it. You can therefore choose the type of transportation that better suits your travel needs.