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Express service

Enjoy faster service and a schedule
that meets your expectations.
Bus every 5 minutes
Reserved lane
Priority lights
Distinctive, spacious, accessible,
and secure bus shelters
Limited stops
Schedule at bus stop
Thanks to the bus preferential measures (BPM) implemented on boulevard Roland-Therrien, including a reserved lane, priority lights, buses every 5 minutes during peak hours, and a limited number of stops, Express lines 410 and 417 to the Longueuil terminal now offer faster service. 
entête service express
The new generation of spacious, accessible, and well-lit bus shelters make the wait more enjoyable. Passenger information tools are also available to keep you well-informed.
Express service lines 410 and 417 make only seven (7) stops at the following intersections:
Des Ormeaux
De Gentilly
Passengers who require service between the seven stops indicated above can use local lines 76 during the week, and 10 and 17 on the weekend, which serve all stops on boulevard Roland-Therrien.
Frequency of Express service and local line 76 on boulevard Roland-Therrien
Monday to Friday Express service
 410, 417
Local 76
Peak 5 min 20 min
Off-Peak 15 min 30 min
Frequency of local lines 10 and 17
on the weekend
  Saturday Sunday
Day 15 min 30 min
Evening 30 min 30 min


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