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Itinerary Bus Stop

Schedules and Maps

The RTL offers several tools to its customers to enable them to better plan their trips as well as to easily obtain information on the timetables for the different public transit services available.

How to find my timetables and routes on the website:

1.    Timetables and routes

Please use the following module for all timetables and routes. 


After selecting a line, choose the date (the current date is the default).

For schedule

Click to the schedule button

You can also download the schedule brochure of the selected line. Click the link to view or print.

To get your route

Click to the map button

You can also download the path of the selected line. Click the link to view or print.


2.    The trip calculator

bouton itinéraire

Plan your itinerary with the help of our trip calculator. You will be offered up to three possible options for your trip.

3.    Bus stop information
bouton horaire à l'arrêt
To go directly to the information on a bus stop, indicate the code/name of a stop, an address, an intersection, a public place or a postal code in the corresponding field.
If several lines serve the requested bus stop, indicate the one you prefer to access the bus stop’s timetable you want.
4.    The next three scheduled bus stops

Create your own customer space and set it up according to your preferences in order to receive our newsletters and be able to consult the next three arrival times of your favourite lines and bus stops.

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