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Customers with Limited Mobility

Manual or motorized wheelchairs and scooters are allowed on board provided they do not exceed the following maximum dimensions, including accessories (bag, footrest, etc.):
Maximum width
69 cm (27 inches)
Maximum length
119 cm (47 inches)


Plan your itinerary.

Ask in advance which bus lines are equipped with an access ramp and look for accessible stops.

You may get on and off buses at these stops only.


To find out which lines are accessible or to consult bus schedules:
Visit our website at and click on Schedule and Bus Stop
You can also contact Customer Service at 450-463-0131
Are you accompanied?

Customers who are eligible for paratransit and who are using the regular RTL network be accompanied by a guide hwo may travel free of charge. Simply show the driver your RTL, STM, or STL paratransit OPUS card, or a Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) card.
You prefer to travel without a guide
For your first few trips, we recommend that you travel with a guide in order to familiarize yourself with the procedure for getting on and off the bus, as well as with the interior of the vehicle.

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To find accessible stops, look for the wheelchair pictogram: 


Make sure you are visible to the driver.
As the bus approaches, signal to the driver that you want to board.

During the winter, depending on the weather, the RTL may cancel certain stops made dangerous by snow or ice.  
If you have any questions, contact Customer Service at 450-463-0131.

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The electronic sign above the windshield shows the wheelchair pictogram for buses equipped with an access ramp.



Customers use the ramp located at the front of the bus to get on and off the vehicle.

  • Keep away from the ramp while it is being deployed.
  • Wait until the ramp is completely deployed before boarding the bus.
  • Since the slope of the ramp can vary depending on the sidewalk height, you should deploy your wheelchair’s anti-tipping device.

After paying for your trip in cash or by swiping your OPUS or SOLO card over the card reader, move toward the zone reserved for customers with limited mobility, indicated with a wheelchair pictogram:  

Important: Paratransit tickets are not accepted on board regular buses.
The reserved zone
  • Correctly position your wheelchair against the retaining cushion, facing the back of the bus.
  • Put the brakes on your wheelchair.
  • Buckle your seat belt, if you have one.
  • If you are using a three-wheel scooter, make sure the front wheel is straight for maximum stability.

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Indicate your intention to get off well in advance.
Press the stop request button identified with a wheelchair.

Warning: Do not descend the ramp

  • The bus driver will let the other commuters get off the bus first.
  • Remove the brakes on your wheelchair and roll up to the yellow line.
  • The bus driver will deploy the access ramp and you can then get off safely.
Important: The Réseau de transport de Longueuil is not liable for any damage caused to wheelchairs, or scooters by the equipment used to board the bus.

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